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Small Onyx and Marble Urns

*Colors and patterns vary since they are natural stone products. Please select color and style from the list below.

Available in 8" Small 35 cu in. 


Viewingroom/Modernurn.jpg               Viewingroom/Plainurn.jpg
      Modern                                      Plain

ma. Light Green Onyx                      pa. Light Green Onyx
mb. Fossil Marble                              pb. Fossil Marble
mc. Black Zebra Marble                    pc. Green Marble
md. Teakwood Marble                       pd. Teakwood Marble
me. Green Marble                              pe. Black Zebra Marble
mf. Medium Green Onyx                   pf. Botticino Marble
mg. Botticino Marble                        pg. Medium Green Onyx



Small Modern Style Urns
  Price $89.00