Pewter Urns
Our Pewter Urns are created from the finest pewter material with a delicate finish to preserve the quality of the urn. This Pewter cremation urn makes an elegant and time-honored tribute to your lost loved one.
  Bronze Urns
These are brass plated with an antique bronze finish. Engraving is available for all urns and requires an additional 1-2 weeks for delivery.
Onyx and Marble Urns
Marble and Onyx Urns are made of natural stone, individually hand-turned on a lathe and polished to enhance the natural beauty. The Urn is a wonderful memorial for your loved one.
  Cultured Granite Epoxy
The Cultured Granite Epoxy Urns are made from crushed granite & epoxy combination. Cultured Granite Epoxy Urns are polished to a beautiful high gloss glass-like finish.
Salt Urn
This unique burial urn is individually hand-crafted from solid blocks of Himalayan Rock Salt. As a result of the hand-made and natural qualities of the salt urn, each is unique in both color and finish.
  Memorial Photo Urns
The Memorial Photo urn is finished to perfection. This urn is the perfect last resting place for your best friend.
Preserve a Memory Collection
The Memory Box Urn, Perserve a Paw Print Wall or Desk frame is a lasting tribute for your beloved pet.
  Wood Urns
Our selection in wood urns is an elegant and attractive option for pet owners seeking to preserve the memory of their pet.
Temporary Containers
Our Airline Safe Temporary Cremation Container is safe for air travel. This temporary urn will hold the cremains of your pet. Perfect for air travel, transportation or temporary storage of ashes. X-rayable travel container
  Clay Paw Prints
Paw Prints for Your Beloved Pet. This is the most popular of our memorials, providing you with your very own furry friend’s clay paw print, which will last forever.
Brass Nameplates
 These plates may be ordered in brass, aluminum or brushed aluminum, in a suitable size for the urn of your selection
There are a number of unique and special ways to honor loved ones that have passed and you can choose from a wide range of beautiful pendants and keepsakes and necklaces to hold ashes in memorandum of your loved one.
Rock Urns
Made of Resin this rock urn is appropriate for an outdoor setting.
  Keepsake Jewelry & Memento's
Keepsake Pendants can hold a small amount of cremains or a piece of your pets hair to memorialize your beloved one.
Granite Headstones
Granite Headstones are the perfect choice for keeping your beloved pet’s  memories alive for the ages.
  Metal Photo Plates
The perfect memorial for a headstone, marker or urn.
All caskets are constructed of strong, high-impact styrene. The design and special sealant restrict seepage of water and the intrusion of air. Pet caskets are capable of serving as a Casket-Vault combination.
  Figurine Urns for Cats
Figurine Cat Urn made from solid maple, oak or walnut. The cat is attached to a beautiful wood urn base. This urn will be a wonderful memorial for your beloved pet.
Figurine Urns for Dogs
Our figurine urns are the perfect way to display your special friend, each figurine is hand-painted.
  Personalized Pet Memorial Decals
Memorialize your pet with this personalized window decal. All decals come with In Loving Memory and your pet's name and dates.

Going Home

Going Home

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Integrity Urn (Will Be Replacing The Paw Print Tin)


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Pillow Box Bio Degradable Urn

Adornment Selection
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Select a Size

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Sand Urn - Large

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Sand Urn - Medium

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